In order to complete this wonderful shooting trip, you need to know what our shooting an appointment process, concrete way is:

1 into XXXX website:, choose your favorite shooting style and take attractions and you try to photograph the set of system .

2 please through the telephone, MSN and our customer contact, made a previous consultation communication, will tell us your idea of the personnel of the service, we will in the first time for you to give a reasonable Suggestions and solutions.

3 and the personnel of the service for network communication, please you and the personnel of the service booking good door-to-door communication time!

4 weekend store advisory customers more, if your time is more convenient, suggest you on Monday to Friday room into the store consultation!
(to you and we at work arrangement convenient, please at least 2 months in advance booking your date taken)

Outside rent wedding dress, evening dresses and dress loan for three days and two nights

  Popular filming
Outside rent marriage gauze of customers, provide free Europe famous brand yarn

Patronize the company's wedding wedding photography or video service, customers can enjoy an